All it takes for your dreams to come true: What we've learned about 2023 Seahawks

Believe in everything you've ever known - these years will never be untold.
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The safeties won't be here forever, but Seattle's DBs still look promising

I understand that Quandre Diggs is 30 already. I get that some have mixed, if not outright acrimonious feelings towards Jamal Adams for the injuries he's sustained and the price Seattle paid for him. I don't care, to be perfectly honest. What the Seahawks have right now is budding into a championship-caliber secondary.

I, along with many others, have gushed endlessly about Devon Witherspoon over the last few weeks, and with good reason. But he's not the only reason to be excited about this position group. Riq Woolen's been quiet thus far, in part because he's been ailing a chest injury, but as he continues to acclimate to playing cornerback, he could become a menace in zone coverage, as well. He could also improve in run coverage to take his game to a new level.

Tre Brown is also a name that isn't to be counted out. He's no pushover at the point of attack, either, despite his Kelly Herndon-ish size, and is similarly talented in coverage. He and Stone Forsythe are doing everything in their power to change the reputation of the Seahawks' famously thin 2021 draft class, and is a very good outside corner when Witherspoon moves to nickel.

Quandre Diggs, well, come on now. He's one of the leaders of the defense, one of the great reclamation projects Pete Carroll has brought in, a human atlatl aimed squarely at anyone coming over the middle of the field, and the elder statesman of the secondary. Is he Earl Thomas? No, he is not, because no one is Earl Thomas. But he's a fine free safety, with enough sense for the ball to have some good years left in him.

And lastly, the strong safety rotation of Jamal Adams and Julian Love. It's inarguably been the defense's Achilles heel to this point in the season, I know. Adams can't seem to stay on the field and Love has had some Cody Barton-esque lowlights. It wasn't that long ago that I thought about Kelcie McCray.

Again, I don't care. Love started looking a lot better once the Giants, his former team, rolled around on the schedule, and Adams is scheduled to be cleared to practice later this week, according to Brady Henderson of ESPN. Either one adding to the position would be the last piece this defense needs to become a top-5 unit in football, and both are extremely close to doing so. Moreover, every single member of the secondary is locked up at least through next season, which means this defense will have a chance to make a run at such a goal.