3 assistants Seattle Seahawks HC Mike Macdonald could steal from the Ravens

The Seahawks are reportedly hiring Mike Macdonald, as their next head coach.
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After a long coaching search, the Seattle Seahawks have decided to hire Mike Macdonald, the Ravens defensive coordinator, as their next head coach. Macdonald has spent time in both college and the NFL as an assistant coach. The Seahawks decided to pick a successful young defensive coordinator to take the helm.

Macdonald's main job will be to fix the Seahawks' defense which has struggled in recent years. In 2023, Seattle finished 30th in yards allowed, despite making several new additions to their defense through trades, the draft, and free agency. Macdonald did an incredible job with the Ravens' defense in 2023, as the Ravens gave up the sixth-fewest yards (301.4 yards per game) and the fewest points (16.5 ppg).

Clearly, Macdonald's ability to coach defense was a main selling point for GM John Schneider in the hiring process. Another important factor probably was the staff Macdonald could assemble, as the Seahawks' next head coach.

Mike Macdonald might want to bring these three assistant coaches to the Seahawks

With many of Pete Carroll's former assistant coaches leaving Seattle for other jobs around the NFL (not that Macdonald might want to get them anyway), Macdonald is going to need to put together an entirely new team of coaches.

He has contacts throughout football from coaching at Georgia, Michigan, and Baltimore with the Ravens. Considering Macdonald most recently coached at Baltimore, expect him to try and pull coaches from there more than anywhere else. Macdonald is going to shape his staff based on who he knows and what he wants to do as the next coach of the Seahawks. Here are three coaches Mike Macdonald could hire as his assistant coaches.