3 assistants Seattle Seahawks HC Mike Macdonald could steal from the Ravens

The Seahawks are reportedly hiring Mike Macdonald, as their next head coach.

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Assistant coach target No. 3 - Greg Roman, former Ravens OC

There are going to probably be juicier names than this that likely come to light, as Macdonald's coaching staff takes shape, but for now Greg Roman makes the most sense as an OC candidate. Though he was much maligned in Baltimore during the end of his tenure there, he did work with Macdonald in Baltimore for several years. Though his time in Baltimore did not end well, Roman was NFL assistant coach of the year in 2019, for his work as the Ravens offensive coordinator.

Most of the problems for Roman in 2022 were worsened by Lamar Jackson being hurt during the season. After going from seventh in yards per game in 2021 to 16th in yards per game in 2022, the Ravens made a knee-jerk decision to fire Roman. As an offensive coordinator, Roman has been known to push a run-heavy scheme. Macdonald might be interested in the prospect of hiring Roman because the Seahawks have two good young running backs Kenneth Walker III and Zach Charbonnet.

Greg Roman is just one name Macdonald could be interested in. There are sure to be more names floated as offensive coordinator options. Should Roman get a second chance to coach in the NFL as the Seahawks' next OC, he would try to get the Seahawks back to running the football more. With all the excitement on who Macdonald will bring with him on defense, the offensive hires are going to be a mystery.

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