3 bad jokes for the Seahawks on April Fool's Day

NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers
NFC Wild Card Playoffs - Seattle Seahawks v San Francisco 49ers / Michael Zagaris/GettyImages

At the end of April the NFL will hold its 2023 draft. This will be an exciting time for all football fans, of course, but especially Seahawks followers. Seattle is rich in draft capital so this should be a fun draft to watch for 12s.

But in honor of April Fool's Day, let's have a bit of fun. Or not so much fun, I guess, as I will mention three things that would be bad for the Seahawks. Don't worry, however, they won't happen.

Now that I know know they won't happen, but what follows are just dark jokes. If any of them do happen, don't blame me. I don't have the power to foresee events (nor do I think would I want that power).

April Fool's Day bad joke No. 1: Bobby Wagner retires from Seahawks

With all the excitement of Bobby Wagner coming back to play for Seattle this offseason after leaving for one year to play with the Los Angeles Rams, I have heard no one ask Wagner if he actually wants to play; We just assume he does. Maybe his idea was to do what his friend, K.J. Wright, did and sign a one-day deal with Seattle and then retire.

But then it all went awry and 12s were so happy to have him back it put Bobby in a corner. But nobody puts Bobby in a corner, right? Of course, he wants to play. But in this bad joke, he doesn't and he retires on April 1st.

April Fool's Day bad joke No. 2: DK Metcalf demands a trade

Metcalf seems to be happy in Seattle. He is one of the Seahawks that is the face of the franchise and he deserves that with a great personality, winning smile, and on-field production. But maybe he doesn't think he can produce enough in Seattle's system.

Metcalf does put up good numbers but in the pass-happy NFL, his numbers compared to many of his contemporaries aren't quite as good. In this bad joke, Metcalf demands a trade to the Bengals or the Chiefs, or anywhere else that uses him differently. This could happen, right?

April Fool's Day bad joke No. 3: Seahawks withdraw tender on safety Ryan Neal

After signing Julian Love in free agency this offseason, some questioned what was going to happen with the oft-injured Jamal Adams. Maybe Seattle signing Love to a two-year deal meant Seattle was going to release Adams. The move would have saved Seattle about $8 million in cap room after June 1st.

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Instead, in this bad joke, the Seahawks decide that the tender on the restricted free agent isn't warranted and withdraw it making Neal an unrestricted free agent. Neal was the highest-graded safety in the NFL in 2022, per Pro Football Focus. The sad part about this bad joke is that Seattle did remove the tender on Neal on Friday.