5 best quarterbacks on Seattle Seahawks 2024 schedule

Seattle will face several top quarterbacks during the 2024 season.
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No. 2 - Jordan Love, Green Bay Packers

The concern for 12s against the Packers and Love is that he got better as 2023 drew on while playing in his first full season as the starting quarterback. He had an overall fantastic season last year with 32 touchdown passes and just 11 interceptions. 10 of those interceptions came in Week 10 or before, though. After that, he threw 18 touchdown passes and just one pick. Of the 10 games he had with a quarterback rating greater than 100, seven of them came in the final eight games.

Love is only 25 years old and is just beginning to fully come into his own as an NFL quarterback. He could ascend to being a top-five QB in 2024 and in many seasons beyond. He has great arm talent, a total grasp of the offense, and good mobility to go off-script when needed. 12s cannot know for sure which extra wrinkles Love will develop in 2024 but one thing is for sure, he will be difficult to defend.

No. 1 - Josh Allen, Buffalo Bills

Speaking of difficulty to defend, Allen can beat a team in lots of different ways, of course. He can throw over a team, or run through a defense. His ability to excel at many different elements makes him difficult to predict and requires creative versatility in trying to stop him. Unlike many of the other quarterbacks on this list who are products of their offensive system, the Bills' offense is structured to what Allen needs.

Allen could be much more of a problem late in the season as well, though at least Seattle gets Allen at Lumen Field instead of in Buffalo. The weather might not be great in Seattle, but almost certainly there will not be bitter cold and lots of snow. If the game is early in the year, Allen might also be trying to figure out who his top receiver is as Buffalo traded Stefon Diggs this offseason. Later in the season, Allen might have found a new favorite receiver and that would be more difficult for the Seahawks.

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