The 3 biggest concerns for Seattle Seahawks during their 4-game losing streak

  • Division rivals are an issue
  • The defense is...
  • Too many touchdowns?

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The good news for the Seattle Seahawks is that after the Monday night showdown against the Eagles, the remaining three games on the schedule are far less menacing than the games as of late. Seattle hasn't won a ball game in over a month. A 3-point game over the Commanders helped prevent this 4-game losing streak from turning into a 6-game one.

There haven't been many positives to point out during this stretch either. Starting off with a 1-point defeat on the road against a struggling Rams team. Two thrashings from the rival 49ers and a shootout against the red-hot Cowboys, and now the Seahawks are below .500 for the first time since starting 0-1 to begin the season.

This team was thought to be a playoff lock, and for good reason. An improved defense. More offensive weapons. There's a lot to like when looking at Seattle's offseason moves. The team certainly got better on paper, but they may take a step down if they can't return to the postseason.

That's looking like a tough task. With Monday's game expected to be a tough one against the reigning NFC champs, the margin of error for a path to the playoffs is paper thin. Seattle currently sits as the 9th seed if the season were to end today. The Rams and Packers are in front based on tiebreakers, so for the Seahawks to pass them and secure that 7 seed, a winning streak to close the year is a must.

There needs to be a few major changes for that to happen. The losing streak has been painful to watch and has highlighted some weak points in the team. Here are 3 of the biggest concerns from the Seahawks over this 4-game losing streak.

NFC West problems

Three out of the four losses over the last month have been against some of the team's biggest rivals. San Francisco flexed its muscles twice in a 3-week span, comfortably defeating Seattle twice while L.A. got its second over the Seahawks too. Seattle is now 1-4 against NFC West competition on the year and it has been arguably the biggest concern all year.

Each game is different in its own way. All 32 teams in the NFL have a roster full of guys wanting to win. There's something special about a game against a team you're guaranteed to face twice a season, though

Not to say any game isn't important, but division-rival games just mean more. You have to take care of your rivals to be one of the top teams in the league. So far, the Seahawks have proved that they aren't. This isn't a new thing either. San Francisco has won five straight against the Hawks and the Rams too have the head-to-head advantage over the recent years. The only saving grace for this year is a week 18 meeting against Arizona that could potentially help the division record a tad, but to make crucial strides for the future, division play needs to improve.