The 3 biggest concerns for Seattle Seahawks during their 4-game losing streak

  • Division rivals are an issue
  • The defense is...
  • Too many touchdowns?
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No clean Games

It's extremely difficult to win games in this league when you can't keep the ball. That might just explain why Seattle has gone on this 4-game losing streak in the first place. Over this stretch, the Seahawks have turned the ball over six times. Drew Lock with 3 interceptions, Geno with 2, and A Deejay Dallas fumble have made the turnover margin +1 on the year. Though it's still in the positive, it could easily be a lot better.

The quarterback duo of Smith and Lock have combined for 12 interceptions this season with only six teams having more. It's pretty clear that the franchise quarterback for years to come is not on the current roster. The turnover issues are in large part due to some untimely passes and missed reads.

When you have a receiving corps and other playmakers that the Seahawks have, you can't afford to make those mistakes. Lock has had his chance to improve his stock with Smith missing some time with an injury but has not impressed. Smith hasn't either. He got a team-friendly deal in the offseason after a productive debut as the full-time starter. Trying him out again for 2023 wasn't a bad move at all, but hasn't been as according to plan.

When Smith returns to action, he is going to have to have a great string of games in order to be considered for the following years. This season has not been enough to keep his job safe. With a lot of intriguing quarterback prospects in the upcoming draft, it would make sense for Seattle to go younger following this season.

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