Ranking 12 biggest Seattle Seahawks draft gems of the last decade

Surprise, 12s, the number one gem isn't Tyler Lockett.
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The Seahawks semiprecious stones of the past decade's drafts

12. Will Dissly, 4th round, 2018, draft value 574, current AV 12, projected career AV 31, Relative production 5.40

I expect Uncle Will will see a bit more use as a receiver, hence the relatively large bump in his career value.

11. Kenneth Walker, 2nd round, 2022, draft value 1118 current AV 16, projected career AV 72, relative production 6.72

Walker is one of those players that's extremely difficult to project. His career stats could be better than LeSean McCoy's, or fall off like C.J. Spiller's. Obviously, his relative production could be much higher or lower. Due to his relatively high draft status, it's never going to be off-the-charts good.

10. Jarran Reed, 2nd round, 2016, draft value 1028, current AV 51 projected career AV 63, relative production 7.59

Reed might be a surprise, but he's been a pretty effective player so far and should have at least a few good years left.

9. Frank Clark, 2nd round, 2015, draft value 900 current AV 57, projected career AV 57, relative production 7.81

If he adds as much as one point of average value, I think we'd all be shocked. Sometimes, players just fall off a cliff. I'd love to see him bounce back, but I wouldn't bet on it.

8. Boye Mafe, 2nd round, 2022, draft value 1131 current AV 8, projected career AV 72, relative production 7.85

Like K9, Mafe's career arc could follow wildly different paths. I tried to aim for the middle and see him with a longer career than Clark.

7. Mark Glowinski, 4th round, 2015, draft value 518, current AV 46, projected career AV 48, relative production 11.48

Now there's a name I know you didn't expect. Glowinski was a solid player for all four of his years with the Colts, and may still have a bit left in the tank after a tough year with the Giants.

6. Quinton Jefferson, 5th round, 2016, draft value 471 points, current AV 31, predicted career AV 46, relative production 12.10

Another surprising player, sort of a mirror universe version of Glowinski. Never spectacular but always productive as a reliable guy in the trenches. Both players have made the most of their opportunity as day three draftees.