Ranking 12 biggest Seattle Seahawks draft gems of the last decade

Surprise, 12s, the number one gem isn't Tyler Lockett.
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The top five Seahawks draft gems: sapphires and diamonds all

5. Michael Dickson, 5th round, 2018, draft value 464 points, current AV 18, predicted career AV 57, relative production 12.33

Yeah, I cheated on this a bit, I'll admit it. Ethan Young - creator of the MAVEM tool among other cool mathy stuff - doesn't believe kickers or punters should be drafted. That's because on average, their approximate value shows they aren't worth a draft pick. That's the thing, though. Michael Dickson is as far from an average punter as you could get. So I adjusted his adjustment a bit. Sue me. Reggie Roby's career AV was 43 and Shane Lechler's was 69. I'm very comfortable slotting Dickson between the two.

4. Riq Woolen, 5th round, 2022, draft value 451, current AV 14, projected career AV 67, relative production 12.64

Like Walker, Woolen's career numbers could take wildly different paths. as with all of the younger players, I did my best to be cautiously optimistic. In Woolen's case, I think he bounces back to a level closer to his rookie season for a few years before he starts that inexorable decline that waits for us all. Dang, that was grim. I need to watch some cat videos.

3. DK Metcalf, 2nd round, 2019, draft value 892 points, current AV 50, projected career AV 108, relative production 13.40

Because you're gonna ask, yes, I put his career AV ahead of Calvin Johnson's career mark of 94 points. Megatron got sick of busting his butt for what was then a crappy organization and hung up his cleats after nine seasons. He retired after his sixth straight Pro Bowl season, after posting 88 catches for 1,214 yards and nine TDs. I'm not saying that DK is better, just that he'll play longer. And of course, he may not.

2. Tyler Lockett, 3rd round, 2015 draft value 854, current AV 78, projected career AV 104, relative production 13.48

Yes, I see Tyler Lockett as sticking around longer than some might think, a lot longer, in fact. Lockett's AV for the past five seasons: 9, 10, 11, 9, 8. Just four more seasons averaging about 700 yards and four TDs a year would get him to that 104 number, and that's certainly doable. Or he may retire after 2025 and expand his burgeoning real estate business, film production company, philanthropic efforts - you know, all the boring stuff he likes.

1. Chris Carson, 7th round, 2017, draft value 204 career AV 31, relative production 15.86

Come on, if you didn't know Chris Carson wasn't going to be the star of this little show, you haven't been paying attention. Carson was pretty easy to calculate, as there are no future stats to project, unfortunately. Even so, the gap between Carson at number one and Lockett at two is the same as the distance between Lockett and Glowinski at number seven. Now that man was an absolute diamond. You may insert the stud joke of your choosing.

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