Bill Belichick has some excellent advice for Seattle Seahawks fans

Belichick says not to believe the hype just yet.
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The 2024 NFL draft starts on April 25 and runs through April 27. As with every year around this time, there are rumors and whispers of rumors about which players might be taken where. The Seattle Seahawks have been mocked to grab Washington offensive lineman Troy Fautanu by a bunch of NFL analysts, and that actually makes sense. But other picks going higher might not be so logical.

Former New England Patriots head coach (and adjunct general manager) Bill Belichick wants 12s and all NFL fans to know there is a good reason for the lack of logic and advises that fans should not believe most of the hype being swirled around currently. Belichick, of course, should know what he is talking about since he ran the Patriots for two decades. He knows how the league works.

And, sure. 12s do not have to like Belichick to believe him. While Seattle did lose to Belichick's team in Super Bowl XLIX, 12s know that Pete Carroll really should have been 4-0 against the Patriots during his time as head coach of the Seahawks instead of 3-1. If anyone should dislike the other, Patriots fans should dislike Seattle more. Seattle got the better of the Pats much more recently.

What advice does Bill Belichick have for Seattle Seahawks fans?

But this isn't about Belichick coaching against Seattle. This is about what Belichick knowledgeably says about so many pundits predicting which player is taken where in the draft based on what they have "heard." The truth is that what analysts hear at this point before drafts does not come from inside intel from the team, but instead from agents trying to upsell their players.

For instance, if Michigan's J.J. McCarthy has gone from presumed second-round pick earlier this offseason to top-five choice in some circles, those predictions and guesses are probably stemming from McCarthy's agent doing such a fantastic job of getting people to believe his client is on the rise. NFL teams might be thinking otherwise. This is one reason every year there are so many surprises in the draft.

According to radiohost/podcast Alex Barth who covers the Patriots, Belichick told him that "accurate draft information doesn't leak from teams until about 12 hours before the draft. Adds most of the information this time of year comes from agents."

So what does this mean for fans of the Seahawks? Only what we might currently hear now about who is not going to be around for Seattle to choose at pick 16 in the first round might not be true at all. A player such as Jayden Daniels or McCarthy might actually be available for Seattle to take. This doesn't mean general manager John Schneider is going to take a quarterback, only that he might be able to. Wouldn't that give 12s a lot to talk about?

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