Bobby Wagner's choice for Seattle Seahawks Teammate of the Year might shock you

Wagner also answered who he thought was Seattle's Hater of the Year as well.

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Bobby Wagner, future Hall of Famer and potentially former Seattle Seahawks player, has been a leader in Seattle's locker room for most of his career. He left for one season, of course, to join the Los Angeles Rams, and early in his career, Seattle had more vocal players such as Richard Sherman and Michael Bennett on the roster. But in 2023, Wagner was often the voice of reason on a relatively young roster. He is a free agent this offseason, though.

The point is that Wagner has been in the league long enough and in the Seahawks locker room long enough, that he would know the inner workings of how a team works and what his teammates bring to the table. During the recent NFL Honors, the Athletic (subscription required) stopped players and asked them questions about their 2023 teammates. One of the questions was who would be the player's Teammate of the Year.

The most surprising answer Wagner could have given would likely have been Jamal Adams. Adams left his team (or decided not to come to the stadium) ahead of Week 15 after learning he would not be playing against the Philadelphia Eagles. Wagner could have answered Adams partly as a joke.

Bobby Wagner names-names on Seattle Seahawks 2023 roster

The least surprising answer the linebacker could have given would have been Tyler Lockett. Lockett has been an excellent player and excellent person since he was taken by Seattle in 2015. But Wagner's answers went to one of Lockett's fellow receivers.

According to Wagner, the Seahawks' Teammate of the Year would have been DK Metcalf. Wagner answered without hesitation and that obviously implies his respect for Metcalf. His answer might surprise some 12s as well as some who see Metcalf as an issue on the field after picking up several 15-yard penalties for taunting or unsportsmanlike conduct or others of that ilk. Metcalf also seemed to dismiss former head coach Pete Carroll's trying to impress on Metcalf not to pick up those penalties.

Wagner's answer proves that while many might think they know everything that happens on a team unless one is actually on the team we do not know what's happening. DK Metcalf's teammates clearly respect him.

As far as Hater of the Year, Wagner chose Quandre Diggs. This is not overly surprising as others have spoken about Diggs' trash-talking. He still appears to be a good guy off the field, however.

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