3 bold moves Seahawks made during the 2024 offseason

Seattle certainly changed the course of the franchise this offseason.
John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks
John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks / Steph Chambers/GettyImages
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Seahawks waited, and waited, and waited for Mike Macdonald

Seattle appears to have wanted Mike Macdonald throughout their coaching search even though they had not spoken with Macdonald. The team couldn't because a team looking for a head coach cannot interview a coach whose team is still playing. While they appeared to be waiting to interview Macdonald, whose Baltimore Ravens reached the AFC championship game, other coaches were getting hired.

Seattle could have waited too long, had Macdonald said that he would rather stick with the Ravens, and then the Seahawks would have been left to choose a coach they did not truly want. That would have caused a horrific situation where the team would have hired a coach they hoped might turn out but could be gone in a year or two. Jim Mora 2.0, if you will.

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Seattle not only was able to hire the 36-year-old Macdonald, but they cemented the deal by giving him a six-year contract. If Macdonald had any concerns as to how much Seattle wanted him to be the team's coach, a six-year deal for a first-time head coach would have erased any doubts. The contract also pays the coach $9 million a year.

Now Macdonald just has to do what he has proven to be good at as a defensive coordinator and transpose that into being a good head coach. His first priority should be to fix the defense. In his first year, if he can get Seattle to be a top-half of the NFL defense, Seattle will make the playoffs. By 2025, the team could truly be dangerous again.

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