Run, Seattle, run!: 3 bold predictions for Seahawks at Titans in Week 16

  • Seattle runs the ball!
  • Two more picks!
  • Stupid penalties

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Prediction No. 2: Seahawks get 2+ interceptions... again

Julian Love single-handedly helped Seattle win the turnover battle on Monday by grabbing two interceptions in the fourth quarter alone. He now leads the team with 4 interceptions on the year with Riq Woolen and Tre Brown following closely behind with 2 each.

The ballhawks on this team are starting to come out in flashes. Love's interceptions in Philly bumped the teams' total passed double-digits and have all the talent to keep adding to it. With Will Levis battling an ankle injury and coming off one of his worst games as a pro yet, I expect the passing game from the Titans to struggle a bit.

Part of why Levis wasn't great last week, and all year, is due to the poor protection he has received during his rookie season. He was sacked 7 times against Houston and 6 times against Indianapolis just two weeks before that. Despite that, he hasn't really thrown a ton of interceptions. Levis currently has 4 through 8 games, but his completion rate of 59 percent shouldn't make him feel overly confident either.

If Seattle can get to him quickly, assuming he plays, I think the ball-hawks will have another field day. Woolen is someone who has been quiet all season long. After a dynamic rookie campaign in 2022, where he led the league in interceptions, he's only followed it up this year with one. These things tend to come in bunches, so with others joining the party, I think Riq can get things going as well.