3 bold predictions for Seahawks vs. Rams Week 11 includes Geno Smith having a day

  • Geno's big day
  • Seattle's D struggles
  • A guess on who wins
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In Week 11, the Seattle Seahawks face a team that has been a thorn in their side for a decade, the Los Angeles Rams. The Rams aren't overly good in 2023, but they always seem good to beat Seattle. Seattle is 6-3 and the Rams are 3-6.

This is almost a must-win for Seattle. After Los Angeles, Seattle will face the San Francisco 49ers twice, the Dallas Cowboys, and the Philadelphia Eagles in a four-game stretch. A win in one of those games would be nice, but if Seattle loses to the Rams the Seahawks could be 6-8 by the time Week 16 comes around.

So what will happen in Week 11? And how will Geno Smith do? Here are three guesses.

Geno Smith has his best day with the Seattle Seahawks ever

I know that many 12s want the Seahawks to move on from Geno Smith but Smith isn't quite done with Seattle just yet. While he had a very good game in Week 10 (though, again, many fans seem to think Smith was not very good somehow), he wasn't very good in several previous weeks before the game against the Washington Commanders. Smith had 8 turnovers in the last four games before having zero turnovers against the Commanders.

Smith can be a bit streaky. In the first half of 2022, he was very good. In the stretch since then, not nearly as good. Maybe Week 10 is the beginning of great things again for Smith. The Rams do have Aaron Donald, possibly the greatest defensive player ever, but overall they aren't great getting after quarterbacks as they are 26th in pressure percentage, 27th in hurry percentage, and 25th in sacks. Smith should have time to throw.

The Rams are also 26th in yards allowed per catch so Smith should be able to pass for a few explosive plays for once. At the end of Week 10 it finally felt like Smith was finding a great connection with DK Metcalf. I think Smith gets almost 400 yards passing and Metcalf gets two touchdowns and 150 yards receiving.