5 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks 2024 offseason

The Seahawks could be very good in 2024 but they need to make these five moves.
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The Seattle Seahawks offseason is beginning to come together. There obviously are months left before Week 1 of 2024, though. Still, Seattle has taken a huge step forward by hiring Mike Macdonald as their head coach.

There are still lots of important decisions to make and moves to make. Seattle needs to create cap room. The Seahawks need to address several positions of concern. There is an entire draft to prepare for and, before that, free agents to sign, create, or re-sign. The first offseason without Pete Carroll since 2010 should be an interesting one.

In fact, literally anything can happen. We can hope general manager John Schneider has a clear view of what he wants to do moving forward. Of course, we do not know what Schneider truly wants to do and that is how it should be. Better to keep secrets than let the rest of the NFL know your business. All that said, here are five things I think will happen this offseason in Seattle.

5. Seattle releases wide receiver Tyler Lockett

I don't want Lockett to leave but he is expensive and the Seahawks have a couple of more good receivers. What the Seahawks really need are better defensive players and an offensive guard (or two). Should Seattle let Lockett go pre-June 1, that would save the team $7,105,000. With a post-June 1st designation, releasing Lockett would save $17 million. The problem with that is Seattle would not be able to spend the money until after June 1st.

Lockett has been a great receiver for Seattle and he is an excellent human being. But there are lots of things Seattle could do with the $7 million including re-signing Bobby Wagner. Wagner is a free agent and Seattle has no proven linebackers under contract next year. Releasing Lockett could just mean the Seahawks keep Wagner (and still save a million dollars or more).