3 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks vs Eagles on MNF in Week 15

Seattle will try to break a four-game losing streak against a good Philadelphia team.

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Prediction No. 2 - The Eagles will dominate time of possession

The Seahawks defense hasn't been good in 2023 except for a short stretch of games. This mirrors what happened in 2022 as well. That would indicate the issue might be more coaching than players because one might assume that Seattle's defensive coaches adjust a few games into the season to what teams are trying to do to them but then once other teams readjust, the Seahawks cannot do the same.

Again this year, third-down defense has been a siphon to whatever else the Seahawks might be trying to do on defense. Seattle is 30th in third-downs allowed to be converted at 45.8 percent. (It should be noted that the Eagles are last at 48.1 percent.) Seattle also is not creating as many turnovers this year. Last year, Seattle forced 1.5 turnovers per game, but this year that number is just 1.3. This means that sometimes in 2022 the defense would get bailed out of allowing so many third downs by taking the ball away at some other point, but in 2023 this is not the case.

But the reason the Eagles can get away with allowing third downs on defense is that their offense is built to keep the ball for so long and sustain drives. Philadelphia is second in seventh in time of possession at 31:16 per game. Seattle is dead last at 27:11. For Seattle to win, they are going to have their best bend-but-don't-break defensive effort and keep the Eagles from scoring touchdowns.

This is going to be one of those classic Seahawks games where it looks really ugly, but as long as Seattle can get some explosive plays offensively, they should hang around. That's the hope anyway because this game could just be a slow death otherwise.