3 bold predictions for Seattle Seahawks vs Eagles on MNF in Week 15

Seattle will try to break a four-game losing streak against a good Philadelphia team.

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Prediction No. 3 - The Seahawks win!

So, getting back to the beginning of this article and admitting to being a bit illogical at times, I have no real reason to think Seattle should beat the Eagles. Though the Eagles have lost two straight games, they were to the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, two teams the Seahawks have also lost to recently. The only other loss for the Eagles came somewhat shockingly against the New York Jets in Week 6.

Seattle doesn't have the Jets defense, though, nor are they as good as the 49ers and Cowboys. So why and how does Seattle pull off the upset? Because if the Seahawks don't, the season might get uglier.

Pete Carroll has only once lost five straight games in the NFL. That was in 1994 when Carroll was coaching the New York Jets, his first season as a head coach in the league. He had only lost four straight games once before until Seattle lost their fourth straight when they were beaten by the 49ers in Week 14. A fifth straight loss, even with three potentially winnable games to follow, might cost Carroll the locker room, one that already appears to be in need of repair.

I don't think most of Monday Night Football is a fun watch for 12s. The Eagles will lead most of the game and eat a bunch of the clock. But I think DK Metcalf gets two splash plays, and Kenneth Walker gains 100 yards, including one long run, and Seattle pulls off a late victory 21-20.

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