4 coaches Seattle Seahawks should not choose to replace Pete Carroll

The Seahawks confirmed this week that Pete Carroll is no longer the head coach of the team.
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After 14 years and 10 playoff appearances, the Seattle Seahawks have decided to move on from head coach Pete Carroll. Carroll will stay on with the organization in an advisory role, for whatever that is worth. Whoever Seattle hires as their next head coach, the team is going to likely look drastically different.

All the coaches that follow who should not be hired to replace Carroll are listed on several betting sites as potential replacements for Carroll. While all might be fine in the jobs they do, there are reasons they might not be good fits as an NFL head coach. At least not yet.

I have also seen oddsmakers say current New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is a potential replacement for Carroll. That makes zero sense to me. Therefore, I do not have him listed in what follows.

Seahawks should not hire Frank Smith

If I had my guess I would think that the Seahawks want to make a true change away from the type of teams that Pete Carroll had. This very likely could mean keeping up with the brethren in the NFC West and hiring a young offensive coach. Smith is just 42 years old but has been coaching in the NFL since 2010. He has slowly worked his way up from assistant offensive line coach with the New Orleans Saints from 2010 through 2014, and then he coached tight ends with the Chicago Bears for a bit and then the Raiders for a few years. For the last two years, Smith has been the offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins.

The problem is that while Smith might be learning from the wise Mike McDaniel, the head coach of the Dolphins, but the offense is really McDaniel's and not Smith's. McDaniel calls the plays, so why would another team hire Smith when he isn't really in charge of the unit on the Dolphins that he supposedly coordinates?

I don't mind the idea of Smith being hired as the offensive coordinator by whoever the Seahawks do hire as head coach, however. McDaniel would have taught Smith excellent principles and Smith could apply those to a Seahawks offense that still has a great group of skill position players.