4 coaches Seattle Seahawks should not choose to replace Pete Carroll

The Seahawks confirmed this week that Pete Carroll is no longer the head coach of the team.
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Seahawks should not bring in Kellen Moore

Kellen Moore was once the next big thing when he was the offensive coordinator for the Dallas Cowboys from 2019 through 2022. His offenses were overall pretty good but then the team seemed to stop being successful once they reached the playoffs. So much so that head coach Mike McCarthy failed to guarantee Moore would return in 2023 after the 2022 season.

Moore became the offensive coordinator for the Los Angeles Chargers this year and the team greatly underperformed. That was really Moore's fault, however. The team suffered lots of key injuries, including quarterback Justin Herbert missing several games. Moore didn't ever have a chance to build up any consistency.

The biggest problem for Moore, though, is that he had a head coach lose faith in him in Dallas so why would another organization think, "Yeah, Kellen Moore has a long history of success as an assistant so let's put him in charge of everything." Seattle should probably go with a coach who has head coaching experience, but even if they go with an assistant he should probably have proven himself at every stop. Moore didn't fall up in Dallas, for instance, he was forced to leave.

Moore, though, does have local roots, of course. He grew up in Prosser, Washington, and then played at Boise State. He would be well-liked by 12s. But there is no proof Moore is capable of handling the stress and many hats a head coach needs to wear. If he fails, 12s might still like him as they watch him get fired.