4 coaches Seattle Seahawks should not choose to replace Pete Carroll

The Seahawks confirmed this week that Pete Carroll is no longer the head coach of the team.
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Seattle should say no to Todd Monken

Monken is the offensive coordinator for the Baltimore Ravens and the Ravens are a very good team, obviously. As an offensive coordinator, Monken has been successful at the college level and in the NFL. He has also been able to adapt his style to the talent of the players he has had so he can go pass-heavy or run-heavy and make either work fairly well. There is no doubt he is a pretty good offensive coach.

But he is also 57 years old and has never been a head coach in the NFL and has been a head coach for a total of three years (with Southern Miss from 2013 through 2015) in his career. That seems odd for someone who many respect so much as an offensive mastermind. What is it about Monken that make teams hesitate about making him the man in charge?

Monken might be a great hire for Seattle, but only as offensive coordinator. That is unlikely to happen, however, because that would be a lateral move and the NFL makes those difficult. Plus, while Monken might have had some good offenses, such as the one he has with the Ravens, one might wonder if that has as much to do with the talent he has (i.e. Lamar Jackson) that his decision making.

Monken has been with four NFL teams but over just none years and that is also odd. In only three seasons, including this one, has one of his teams finished with a winning record. I am not sure Monken has the successful experience it takes to know how to build a winning culture.

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