The company DK Metcalf co-owns is one Pete Carroll would love

Metcalf is becoming a sneaky smart investor.
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Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf is fairly notorious for his love of candy. He has said he has cut back his consumption, but he once told Kevin Garnett that he ate three full bags of candy a day along with one normal meal. That certainly does not seem healthy for anyone other than a human being who has the freakish DNA of Metcalf. Even long-term that would not have been healthy for Metcalf.

But Metcalf seemingly does not just talk the talk because he walks the, well...passion about candy as well. Former Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll might agree with him, at least to the point that gum equates to candy. Carroll famously used to chew and chew and chew gum throughout a game. He would toss a piece away and then grab another piece and as much as 20-something a game.

We can hope, of course, that all that gum was sugarless, but then where would all of his energy come from? We can also assume Carroll had a good (and quite busy) dentist as well. There is nothing wrong with nervous habits, of course, and Carroll likely had a suspicion about how much gum he chewed as well.

Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf should ask Pete Carroll to invest as well

All of this is to say that if Carroll and Metcalf were not great friends off the field before then they should be now. Metcalf is part of an investment group called Patricof Co that has reportedly recently invested as much as $10 million into the Bazooka Candy Brands, which includes Bazooka gum as well as Push Pop and Ring Pop.

Metcalf did not just give his money to the firm, though, he also delivered some ideas about how the company could be marketed to CEO Tony Jacobs via PowerPoint. Jacobs told Forbes, "I thought it would just be a meet-and-greet. He’s passionate about candy." But 12s knew that already.

Now Metcalf just needs to find a way to cut Pete Carroll into the deal so Carroll can get some free gum. Patricof Co does include other sports personalities besides Metcalf, such as Kylie and Jason Kelce, CC Sabathia, Derrick White, and Cade Cunningham. Why not one more with Carroll? Plus, can anyone imagine a better spokesperson for Bazooka Candy brands than Carroll? Likely not.

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