For Pete's Sake: 4 critical observations from the Seahawks loss in Week 14

  • Geno Smith's absence wasn't as noticeable as anticipated
  • Jamal Adams continues to be a problem
  • The offense could not get into a groove at all
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Jamal Adams' performances can be summed up with one word: yikes!

Given the current drama surrounding Jamal Adams, maybe it's not the best idea to kind of take a shot at him in the same way that reporter did. But his performance on Sunday kind of deserves it, no?

Besides his controversies off the field making headlines, Adams did not live up to his self-proclaimed hype in a matchup that ultimately impacted the trajectory of the Seahawks' season. To an extent, you can give players a bit of leeway when their performance against a divisional rival isn't the best since the teams know each other better than all other teams in the league. But Adams was atrocious against the 49ers, and it deserves a "Yikes" reaction.

The most standout oops of his day was when Deebo Samuel easily got around Adams for a 54-yard touchdown in the second quarter. It put the 49ers in the lead and gave Brock Purdy the knowledge to take advantage of the mismatch for the rest of the game.

Adams didn't make as crucial of a mistake as that during the second half, but it's just the latest example of the safety not performing to the standard he had set since the Seahawks traded for him a handful of years ago.