For Pete's Sake: 4 critical observations from the Seahawks loss in Week 14

  • Geno Smith's absence wasn't as noticeable as anticipated
  • Jamal Adams continues to be a problem
  • The offense could not get into a groove at all

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The Seahawks cannot win the NFC West after this loss

Through the first seven weeks of the season, Seattle's playoff hopes were alive and well, and it appeared they would be real competition for the reigning NFC West Champions this season. In the following weeks, they were served humble pie, as they have now lost four games in a row with some truly tough opponents left on the schedule to finish the year.

But this loss to the 49ers sealed the deal that they could not win the division from the 49ers since there are just four games left and they are four games behind. San Francisco wins the tiebreaker due to sweeping the Seahawks this season.

Although they're not entirely eliminated from postseason contention, their playoff hopes could soon become a dream unless they can turn things around over the final month and stack some wins.

That could certainly be a possibility, with the Eagles, Titans, Steelers, and Cardinals left on the schedule. But a lot of work will need to be done for that to be a real possibility, starting with more cohesion on offense, a more aggressive pass rush, and far fewer turnovers.