5 current Seahawks who should retire with Seattle

The Seahawks have not yet started the 2024 season, but these players should never leave Seattle.
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The Seattle Seahawks will have a number of contract decisions to make next offseason. Seattle was already set to have cap issues in 2024 before releasing players such as Jamal Adams and Quandre Diggs, but 2025 appears to be worse. Seattle is currently -$18,008,836 in cap room next offseason, according to Over the Cap.

Seattle could make a couple of moves and make quite a bit of space. For instance, if Geno Smith were released, that would save the team $25 million. Seattle is not going to have to make moves in 2025 due to the stress of cap room.

The hope, however, is that the five players that follow will retire as members of the franchise. Some are closer to retirement than others. One just got started.

Tyler Lockett - Seattle Seahawks wide receiver

Let's start with the most obvious player. I could have had DK Metcalf on this list as well, and the hope is that Metcalf never leaves Seattle, but Metcalf could also have one of the highest trade values in the next several seasons. One does not want Metcalf to leave, but one cannot rule out the potential haul he could bring back in a trade.

Lockett, though, will be 32 years old near the beginning of the 2024 season and he probably won't play many more seasons. Smaller receivers who rely on quickness and speed to get open normally have shorter shelf lives than receivers as big as Metcalf. Lockett has been with Seattle since he was taken in the third round of the 2015 draft and he developed into Seattle's best receiver for a number of years.

He is also an excellent person and great to have around the team. Lockett's real estate group is also the official realtor of the franchise. Watching Lockett leave for another team would be difficult not only for 12s but likely the player as well. This is probably why he reworked his deal this offseason and took less maximum money to stay with the team. He could retire after the 2024 season.