Deion Sanders future: Coach of the Seahawks and then President of the United States

Deion Sanders has been blessed, but he isn't done being blessed and the Seattle Seahawks could benefit from that.
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One might look at the headline of this article and think, "Lee, I thought you were an idiot before, but I know you are an idiot now." And I wouldn't argue too much. I can be an idiot. But hear me out on this whole Deion Sanders eventually to the Seattle Seahawks because the move simply makes too much sense. (And before the scoffing begins, I realize Dein Sanders' Colorado Buffalos got destroyed by the Oregon Ducks, but just look at what Sanders has already done by basically building a PAC-12 team from scratch.)

Let me set the article up with these facts. Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll is 72 years old and while he has been the Seahawks most successful head coach in franchise history, just like any coach he will step down or be fired eventually. In Carrol's case, especially since he is also the Vice President of Football Operations in Seattle, he is going to retire and not be fired. Therefore, Seattle will need to replace him with another coach. Carroll was greatly successful in college and Deion Sanders has been successful in college so one plus one equals?

Another fact is that while Geno Smith has been unexpectedly very good the last year and some games for Seattle, Smith also isn't 25 years old (he is 32 years old). He is closer to the end of his career than the beginning, even if he plays another four years or more. He also re-signed with the Seahawks on a frontloaded contract. If Seattle released Smith after 2024, Seattle would only have $8.7 million in dead cap.

Deion Sanders to the Seattle Seahawks makes almost too much sense

Deion Sanders has said recently that his son, Shedeur, won't leave for the NFL after this year. Shedeur, of course, is the quarterback for the University of Colorado Buffaloes and that also happens to be the team Deion coaches for. Shedeur is also a really good college quarterback who will likely be a first-round draft pick. So this is where it gets a bit tricky for me in this article, and you can see where I am going with this.

Let's assume that Geno Smith is released after the 2024 season and that Pete Carroll decides to step down at age 73. We must also assume that the Seahawks are able to get a draft pick high enough to be able to choose Shedeur Sanders in the 2024 NFL draft. But all three of those things are at least possible.

Shedeur has risen up projected draft boards the last couple of years, but he also isn't currently projected to be a top-ten pick. Not yet anyway. So there is a chance that whenever Seattle chooses in 2024, he is available.

This would be the perfect storm needed for Seattle to bring Deion Sanders to the Seahawks to be the head coach. Can Deion coach in the NFL? Why not? People doubted he could coach in college and he has been amazingly successful so far. Can he win without Shedeur? Who knows? And he might not have to find out if the Seahawks can add Shedeur to replace Geno Smith.

Again, in this scenario, Seattle making Deion Sanders their head coach makes almost too much sense, right? That likely means it won't happen. But it's fun to think about. As far as Deion Sanders only coaching at Colorado for two years before moving to the NFL, that isn't out of the realm of possibility either. A coach making a jump from college to the NFL after a short stint at a school would be nothing new.

As far as Deion Sanders becoming POTUS? Why would you doubt that would happen? He speaks his convictions clearly and he gets people bought in very quickly into what he is saying. That sounds like a guy who should run for President to me.

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