Derrick Henry to the Seahawks makes complete sense now if...

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The Tennessee Titans might be willing to trade Derrick Henry. The Seattle Seahawks are a logical destination possibly. But only if the price is right.

The thing is that Henry has a cap hit of $16,367,647 in 2023. Seattle would be free of his contract after this coming season if they choose to be. But Seattle would need to find a way to fit Henry's contract into their cap space or work out a pre-trade deal with Henry where he re-works his deal some. Or work out a deal with the Titans where they take on some of Henry's contract.

One big question is what Tennessee might want in return for Henry. I wrote an article at Titan Sized (yes, hate me if you wish; I cheated) with what the Titans might ask for. Did I entertain the Titans asking for too much? Maybe. But Tennessee should want a lot in return for the running back.

The Seahawks adding Derrick Henry isn't completely out of the question

Seattle has the draft capital to offer the Titans in a trade for Henry. Depending on how high that draft capital is, Seattle's slotted money for draft picks would be less because some of that would be on the Titans to pay (for the draft picks they acquire) which means the Seahawks would be spending less for draft picks which means some assumed cap space taken by draft picks would be gone. Whew. That was a long-winded way of saying while adding Henry would cost the Seahawks cap space, it wouldn't cost them as much as one might think.

Is Henry worth a second round choice in 2023? Maybe. A third round choice would be ideal. Seattle, of course, has two first-round picks and two second-round choices currently. Giving up a first-round pick is clearly out of the question, but maybe the last second-round choice.

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But if general manager John Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll think they can actually win now then adding Henry makes complete sense. Seattle, of course, already has Ken Walker III so they don't necessarily need a number one back. But the team also only has Walker and DeeJay Dallas on the roster for 2023 as far as proven backs. The Seahawks need more running backs for next year so why not add Henry who is among the better running backs to ever play in the NFL? The only hold-up is cost, right?