DK Metcalf has ridiculous response to bad penalty in Seahawks Week 6 loss to Bengals

Metcalf received another 15-yard penalty against Cincinnati that seemed foolish.
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What's going on exactly with Seattle Seahawks receiver DK Metcalf? He's a Jekyll and Hyde as far as person-to-player. Off the field he comes off as one of us, right? He has in the past eaten far too much candy (yet somehow his muscles seem to turn sugar into strength) and has a wry sense of humor. Metcalf seems more like a pal from the gym instead of someone you might hire to protect you in a public venue.

But on the field, DK Metcalf often seems like a bully. But instead of using his physicality to help his team a great degree, he uses his strength to push other players around. The issue is several fold. One is that Metcalf plays with grown men in the NFL and the majority of the players are not likely to back down from someone trying to him their physical will on them.

Another problem is that while in his rookie season of 2019, Metcalf was able to get into stressful conversations with opposing players on the field and that many times drew a flag on the opposing player as they would cross a line and grab Metcalf or something of that ilk. But for the last many years, Metcalf has been the one going a step too far and shoving a player or grabbing a facemask once a play has been blown dead.

DK Metcalf drew another 15-yard penalty in the Seattle Seahawks Week 6 loss

Metcalf now has drawn nine 15-yard penalties for unnecessary roughness, or taunting, or unsportsmanlike and that number easily leads the league since 2020. Head coach Pete Carroll has said he has had conversations with Metcalf about his behavior. How must Carroll feel that Metcalf hasn't stopped getting stupid penalties? What should Carroll do about Metcalf? Maybe sitting him on the bench for a bit would help, but Metcalf is so talented his absence on the field makes the team potentially worse.

Metcalf also did something in Week 6 that no receiver should do. That is after quarterback Geno Smith didn't see that he was open deep and therefore Metcalf wasn't thrown the ball, Metcalf sulked. Should Smith have seen Metcalf and thrown him the ball? Yes, but it didn't happen and the receiver needs to forget and move on.

Instead, Metcalf took his frustration out on Bengals cornerback Cam Taylor-Britt by shoving him to the ground placing his hands near the top of Taylor-Britt's shoulders and pushing him with force. This happened about 40 yards away from where the actual play was happening. And it appears from how the players were acting just before Metcalf did the stupid thing that the players were aware they were not involved in an active play anymore.

Instead of Metcalf taking ownership of costing his team another 15 yards, which he should have, Metcalf said something ridiculous. According to the Athletic's Michael-Shawn Dugar (see tweet above), the receiver said he "didn’t a hear a whistle blowing the play dead so he continued to block." This appears to be a clear falsehood as Metcalf wasn't just "blocking" Taylor-Britt but instead angrily pushing him to the ground.

Metcalf said he also tried to explain to the nearest referee that he didn't hear the official blow a whistle so he didn't know the play was dead. Two things here. Metcalf should know that not every official blows their whistle after each play and as the play was happening nearly halfway down the field, the nearest official to Metcalf had no reason to blow the whistle. Plus, receivers often end up far away from where a play is occurring and no other receivers or cornerbacks seem to have an issue not knowing when a play is over and not to continue blocking.

DK Metcalf's answer to his latest 15-yard penalty is inexcusable and illogical. He needs to do better. And he owes his teammates an apology for costing them 15 yards so often.

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