5 dream draft targets for Seahawks to build unstoppable offense around Geno Smith

These players would turn Seattle's offense into one that is championship caliber.

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TE Brock Bowers, Georgia 

If the Seahawks were to go in a different direction than Fautanu at number 16, I'd expect two things must have happened. First, the Seahawks likely received a fantastic trade offer that allows them to move back a couple of picks while bringing back a 2nd round pick they lost in the Leonard Williams trade. A trade with, say, Tampa Bay for picks 26 and 57 is a realistic deal that if I'm Seattle, I'm agreeing to.

If Schneider and company don't move back in the draft, then they likely had a player they did not expect to still be there at number 16. This could be an edge rusher like Dallas Turner or, potentially, a quarterback, but what if it was one of the best tight ends to ever come out of college, Georgia’s Brock Bowers?

The 6’3” and 243 lbs junior had one of the best careers in college football history. With a 32-2 record in Athens, including two CFP titles, few will experience the success that Bowers had as a freshman and sophomore.

Statistically, Brock Bowers made the most of his few opportunities on stacked rosters and yet still managed to stick out more than anyone. Getting about 5 touches a game as a TE who was occasionally given some running plays, Bowers managed nearly 70 yards a game and scored a whopping 31 touchdowns in 40 games. When you consider that Bowers is a TE, these are staggering numbers. In an NFL season, this would translate to 82 ½ receptions, over 1,100 yards, and 13 touchdowns. That's a Canton profile if I've ever seen one.

His run blocking is good, not great, but he could unlock so much for this Seahawks offense, whether it be over the middle, moving the chains, or creating difficult choices for defenses that are in the red zone and have to choose between him and DK Metcalf. 

Is it a need, maybe not the most pressing, but a potential blue-chip TE can help all over the field and I'd have a hard time passing on him. He likely won't make it to pick number 16, but injuries that forced him to only play 10 games in 2023 and miss the combine, could scare just enough people away that this dream addition for Geno could be a reality.