5 dream draft targets for Seattle Seahawks to build an unstoppable defense

The Seahawks are going to be focused this offseason on improving their defense and finding talent wherever they can to get better.

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Dream draft target No. 2 - Defensive lineman Jer'Zhan Newton

Another defensive lineman the Seahawks could take with their first pick is Jer'Zhan Newton from the University of Illinois. The Seahawks used their first selection in the 2023 draft on a player from Illinois, corner Devon Witherspoon. They could again pick a player from the Fighting Illini in 2024. Newton is an intriguing prospect for Seattle to consider in the 2024 draft. Jer'Zhan Newton and Byron Murphy II have similar profiles to each other. This means if Murphy has already been selected, Newton could be a solid alternative.

Newton had a strong 2023 campaign, putting up impressive numbers for the Illini. He had 7.5 sacks and 8.5 tackles for loss in his final season at Illinois. Showing he can have an impact against both the run and the pass. Displaying a unique ability to affect the game and wreak havoc on opposing teams' offenses. Newton has really taken his game to another level in the past two seasons. He had just five sacks and five tackles for loss in his first two seasons at Illinois. In his next two seasons at Illinois, Newton had 13 sacks and 22.5 tackles for loss, showing how much his game has improved.

Making the jump from college to the NFL is a big step for each draft pick to make. Newton's ability to continue to show improvement throughout his college career is significant. Selecting a player the Seahawks can develop into an NFL starter, with a track record of improving his game, is a unique trait that Newton possesses. Newton's ability to continue to work on his craft is going to help him become a successful NFL player. The Seahawks should consider Jer'Zhan Newton as they evaluate their first-round draft pick options.