Drew Lock's Week 14 performance proves he can be QB1: Three takeaways

Lock remained poised for most of the game and showed excellent athleticism.

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The Seattle Seahawks lost their fourth straight game when the team fell to the San Francisco 49ers 28-16 in Week 14. Seattle kept the game a one-score difference for most of the contest, though. While Seattle lost, they didn't get blown out as many anticipated.

The biggest issue was Seattle's defense which allowed a crazy-high 9.9 yards per play and more explosive plays than I can count (and I am not good at math, see). The Seahawks offense struggled to run the ball consistently well, but the passing game was OK. In his first start since coming to Seattle in the 2022 offseason, Drew Lock was pretty sharp and looked capable of leading the team.

What that means in the near future? Who knows? But here are some thoughts from Lock's Week 14.

No. 1 - Drew Lock looked capable of being QB1

I will admit that based on Week 14 alone, throwing out the two other games Lock saw limited action in 2023, and not knowing what will happen in the future, I may have been wrong about Drew Lock. And as the Seattle Seahawks winning football games or coming closer to beating very good teams is the ultimate goal, if Lock plays as well as he did in Week 14 moving forward, great. The question is, just as the same question exists with every quarterback, whether Drew Lock can be consistently solid every week.

But on Sunday against a good 49ers defense that changed what they were doing on the back end after cornerback Charvarius Ward left with an injury - San Francisco began playing a lot more zone coverage than man, Lock remained poised, threw with pace and surety, and against lesser competition could have had a big day. He finished 22 of 31 for 269 yards with 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Those interceptions won't help his career interception percentage, of course, but only one was really his fault as his arm got hit on the second.

Lock with more experience might take off an run a bit more and pick up yards. There were times when it looked like he might be able to pick up a first down or two with his legs. He definitely has good athleticism. But indecision on when to run is likely due to Lock just not having enough reps.