Drew Lock's Week 14 performance proves he can be QB1: Three takeaways

Lock remained poised for most of the game and showed excellent athleticism.

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No. 2 - Shane Waldron needs to be more creative to help Lock

I'm honestly not sure what is going on with Shane Waldron. If a player gets the yips, I imagine a coach can as well. It is too easy and lazy to simply call out an offensive coordinator for play-calling. The way games unfold can dictate which plays are called. More games are won and lost based on how teams were prepared for the matchup.

Lock had just one full day of QB1 reps in practice before the game, but he did take most of the reps on Thursday, too. Plus, he has had nearly two full years in Shane Waldron's system so Waldron should know what Lock is capable of and what he isn't. Moving forward, should Geno Smith not return for Week 15 due to an injured groin and Lock remains the starter, Waldron has to design more plays that use Lock's ability to roll out and throw with accuracy.

While Lock did a bit of moving out of the pocket and throwing, this was less by design and more that Lock was flushed from the pocket. Once out of the pocket, Lock threw several passes to receivers near the sidelines that showed off his arm strength. Waldron should have watched what the Philadelphia Eagles were doing with quarterback Jalen Hurts early in Week 13 against the 49ers because a lot of that is working and those are the types of things Lock can do.

Drew Lock and Geno Smith are different types of quarterbacks. Smith can run but is more of a traditional pocket passer, Lock can run well and needs to be used differently and more creatively. Or maybe Waldron is not capable of doing that.