Drew Lock's Week 14 performance proves he can be QB1: Three takeaways

Lock remained poised for most of the game and showed excellent athleticism.

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No. 3 - Lock won't be QB1 in 2023, but possibly 2024

The general rule is that players do not lose their starting jobs due to suffering an injury. Once Geno Smith is ready to return, he will be the starter. While Lock was a lot better than expected for the Seahawks in Week 14, he wasn't so good that he is clearly the best quarterback on the Seattle roster. Smith was very good in Week 13, remember, against a good Dallas Cowboys defense that limited the Eagles to just 13 points and 218 yards passing in Week 14.

Still, likely among many 12s, when Smith does return and if he begins to falter, there will be some loud voices on social media crying out to replace Smith with Lock. That is very unlikely to happen, though. But after watching Week 14, do those voices deserve a little bit more respect, sure.

The Seahawks have a big decision to make after the 2023 season. While Geno Smith was signed to a three-year extension this past offseason, the contract is fairly front-loaded. Smith's cap hit in 2023 is $10.1 million but jumps to $31.2 million in 2024. Seattle would save about $14 million (with a dead cap being $17.4 million) by moving on from Smith. The question, though, isn't whether Lock is ready to take over long-term from Smith, but whether the Seahawks think Smith is their best option in 2024 and 2025.

Seattle could draft a quarterback in the first round of 2024. The more the team loses, the higher that first-round pick will be. Lock is also a free agent after this year. The biggest question for Seattle this offseason will be what to do at QB1: Keep Smith or release him, re-sign Lock and start him, or draft a QB with their first pick and let him run the offense immediately.

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