ESPN 2025 mock draft has Seahawks taking CB first (or maybe he is a receiver)

Seattle might not take the player because Seattle might not have the need.
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Is it far too early to do a mock 2025 NFL draft? Of course, it is. But no one should blame ESPN from doing on. Heck, we here at 12th Man Rising have already done a Seattle Seahawks-centric one. Will we be correct? Unlikely.

12s might be able to assume some needs Seattle might have next offseason, though. This is not based on expecting certain players failing in 2024 and therefore needing to be released. For instance, the hope is that Geno Smith is as good if not better than he has been in the last two years, and Smith has been relatively good compared to most other NFL quarterbacks. His statistics bear that out.

There are certain position groups where Seattle might have needs in next year's draft, though. While Seattle chose inside linebacker Tyrice Knight in the 2024 draft, presumed starters Tyrel Dodson and Jerome Baker are only on one-year deals. Maybe Knight is good enough to become a starter in 2025 but potentially both Dodson and Baker could walk away next year. Seattle possibly would have to draft another off-ball linebacker.

Travis Hunter might be a great player but not one the Seattle Seahawks need

Two positions where Seattle does not appear to likely have a need is wide receiver and cornerback. DK Metcalf and Jaxon Smith-Njigba will definitely return in 2025 while Tyler Lockett will be in the final year of his current deal, Lockett should also return, though he will be expensive. Either way, the need to choose wide receiver in the first round seems unnecessary.

The same might be said of the cornerback group where Devon Witherspoon and Riq Woolen will be back in 2025. The Seahawks chose two cornerbacks in the 2024 draft and either one of those guys could become a starter. In fact, Seattle has too many cornerbacks currently since Tre Brown and Mike Jackson are currently on the roster and either could return in 2025.

The reason to mention wide receiver and cornerback specifically here is that in ESPN's too-early 2025 mock draft, the four-letter network has Seattle choosing a player who could play either spot. ESPN's Jordan Reid mocks Seattle taking Colorado Buffaloes product Travis Hunter at pick number 11 overall. (The draft order is based on ESPN Bets' Super Bowl odds for 2024.)

Reid sees the 6'1" and 190-pound Hunter as a cornerback in the NFL. The reason there is even an issue with where Hunter plays as a pro is because he can do either one at an elite level in college. In 2023, he had 3 interceptions and 5 passes defended but he also had 57 receptions and 5 touchdown catches. He needs to get stronger, but he has excellent speed.

Hunter might be an excellent player in the NFL. The question is whether the Seahawks will have a need at either position group Hunter plays. At this point, that seems unlikely.

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