ESPN's Matt Miller reveals what Seattle Seahawks should do in the 2024 NFL draft

2024 might not be the best year for Seattle to try to take a quarterback.
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What will the Seattle Seahawks do with their first pick in the 2024 NFL draft? That is one of the biggest questions about Seattle's offseason but also the pick could go a long way toward telling how successful Seattle's new head coach will be. We do not yet know who the new head coach is, of course, but we have some ideas as far as what Seattle needs in the draft.

The Seahawks have to find youth and talent at tight end, linebacker, the interior of the defensive line, safety, and possibly the interior of the offensive line. But will Seattle eschew all those needs to instead take a quarterback in the first round? Going with Geno Smith as QB1 in 2024 might be the safer choice for now, but if general manager John Schneider really loves a quarterback at pick 16 then he might see that player as having a greater impact on the future of the franchise and that is more important than what happens in 2024.

ESPN's Matt Miller says if Seattle chooses to go elsewhere other than quarterback that might be the right move. Speaking on Seattle Sports 710 AM on Thursday, Miller says interior offensive line prospects are deep and talented in the 2024 draft. Miller mentioned that Damien Lewis, Evan Brown, and Phil Haynes are all free agents so the Seahawks could find their replacements in the draft.

2024 is not a great year for the Seattle Seahawks to draft a quarterback

Miller also sees this as a more pressing need than Seattle taking a quarterback. That makes sense as it doesn't matter who the quarterback is if that QB is not well-protected they are not going to reach a high level of success and the overall offense is going to be limited. Plus, going even younger along the offensive line means keeping a veteran quarterback such as Geno Smith would be smarter.

One player that Miller spoke at length about as being a potentially great fit for the Seahawks in the first round is Washington offensive lineman Troy Fautanu. Fautanu is 320 pounds but at 6'3" he is a little short for an offensive lineman. Miller still believes Fautanu has the strength, athletic ability, and technique to be a starter quickly in Seattle.

As far as quarterbacks go, Miller thinks most of the true high-end players will be gone before the Seahawks choose at number 16. He feels Michael Penix, Jr. won't go until the second round, but Seattle no longer has a second round pick after trading the pick away in a trade that brought defensive lineman Leonard Williams to Seattle in the middle of the 2023 season.

After Penix, Miller says there is a "Grand Canyon" difference between the top six quarterback prospects and the rest of the field. If Seattle is going to choose a quarterback in 2024, that will probably happen in the first round.

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