ESPN spins some positivity about Seattle Seahawks in 2024

Seattle could be a couple of moves away from being dangerous again.

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Two straight 9-8 seasons for the Seattle Seahawks could have been worse, though the 7-10 season in 2021 felt more like 4-13 at times. Still, general manager John Schneider seems to have chosen well over the last couple of NFL drafts so there is a good amount of young talent on Seattle's roster. The issue this offseason might be that the team has so many veteran players on which to make cap decisions.

But shedding salary might also be a positive. Safeties Quandre Diggs and Jamal Adams were not good in 2023 and releasing the two players alone would free up $17 million. Seeing Tyler Lockett leave would also be difficult, but his cap hit is a ridiculous $27.8 million, and releasing him frees up $7,105,000. I am not saying I want Lockett to go - I don't - but the NFL has a salary cap and sometimes financial decisions outweigh the love of a player.

Even with being tight against the cap currently (Seattle has negative cap room right now), ESPN believes Seattle might be "a move or two away" from being a dangerous team again. In a recent article ranking every team in the league from definite contender to "still rebuilding," the Seahawks are directly in the middle of the pack but with some hope. The ranking could have been worse for Seattle as a couple of notches below their group was one called "New Coach, New Direction."

ESPN thinks Seattle Seahawks could be a dangerous team soon with the right moves

While most of the bit about Seattle isn't overly positive, the last part is. ESPN rightfully points out the Seahawks could be forming a very good young nucleus that could make them into a championship-caliber team. We are not there yet, of course, but having players such as Devon Witherspoon, Boye Mafe, and DK Metcalf (still only 26 years old) should mean Seattle is more than simply relevant for the next several seasons.

Seattle also needs to make the correct roster cut decisions as the Seahawks must create cap room to have any hope of re-signing free agent linebacker Jordyn Brooks or defensive lineman Leonard Williams. New head coach Mike Macdonald might also want to try to bring in players such as linebacker Patrick Queen from Macdonald's former team, the Baltimore Ravens. Again, Seattle will have to make cap room for any of that to happen.

At least ESPN did not mention anything of the quarterback situation or Geno Smith. Anyone who saw how bad Seattle has been at tackling in recent years, or how awful the run defense has been, or the inconsistent play-calling of former offensive coordinator Shane Waldron and thinks, "This team would be good except for Geno Smith," well...Let's just be glad those people are not running the Seahawks.

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