Final weather report for Seahawks vs. Cardinals Week 18 matchup

Seattle needs to beat Arizona to have any chance at the postseason.
Steph Chambers/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks might be playing their final game of the season when they travel to Arizona to take on the Cardinals in Week 18. Seattle could still make the postseason, but they not only need to beat the Cardinals, Seattle also needs the Chicago Bears to defeat the Green Bay Packers on Sunday. But will weather factor into Seattle's final regular season game of the 2023-24 season?

Let me just go ahead and admit the obvious: No. Not only does it rarely rain in the Phoenix area, but the place the Cardinals call home, State Farm Stadium in Glendale, Arizona, has a retractable roof. There is very unlikely going to be any rain or strong wind involved in the Seattle Seahawks versus the Cardinals.

But let's say you are going to the game and want to know what to expect while walking around before the game starts (or after it ends). The temperatures in Glendale are expected to be in the lower 50s. Like the summers in Seattle, the Phoenix area has very little humidity so the air might feel cooler than even the lower 50s.

What is the weather like for Seahawks vs. Cardinals in Week 18?

There will be a wind of around 10 MPH with gusts in the lower 20s so wear a jacket. Or a coat. Unless you like being cold, I guess.

As far as the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears game (go Bears in Week 18 at least!), according to NFL Weather, the temperatures are expected to hold in the mid-30s. There is no chance of precipitation, though, so no snow. The wind should not be too bad either with a slight breeze at less than 10 MPH. If the Bears are going to help the Seahawks out and defeat the Packers, Chicago should be able to do so without any weather concerns.

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