Final weather report for Seahawks vs. Titans Week 16 matchup

Seattle plays Tennessee in Nashville on Sunday.

Tom Hauck/GettyImages

The Seattle Seahawks saved their season by defeating the Philadelphia Eagles on Monday Night Football in Week 15. Meanwhile, the Tennessee Titans are just 5-9 and their playoff hopes were dashed a long time ago. Still, the Titans are a feisty group who beat the now-10-4 Miami Dolphins just two weeks ago. Anything can happen in Week 16, but will the weather be an issue for either team?

According to NFL Weather, there is not much of a chance of rain during the game - only 4 percent. The temperatures should be almost perfect as well and in the mid-60s holding through the game. But there could be an issue with the wind at times. The breeze will be at a constant 12 MPH, but gusts late in the game could get up to 20 MPH.

For a game that could come down to field goals, the wind could be an issue. The Titans have a good defense, though not much of an offense. Seattle is nearly the opposite with an offense capable of scoring 35 points against a very good Dallas Cowboys defense a few weeks ago, but a defense that could not stop Dallas from scoring 41 in the Seattle loss.

What is the weather like for Seahawks vs. Titans in Week 16?

My point in that is we could see a game where the Titans defense limits Seattle's offense and the Titans are limited by themselves. Scoring could be at a minimum. If this is so then field goals become much more important.

If, for instance, the Seahawks trail by 2 late in the game and stall after getting in Titans territory, and kicker Jason Myers is brought on to try a game-winning 50-yard field goal, the wind could have an impact on whether Seattle wins or loses and, therefore, makes the playoffs or not. Maybe that's of pressure to put on the wind, but the wind can take it. The wind has been waiting its whole wind life for an opportunity like this. Let's just hope Seattle can score touchdowns instead of field goals.

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