Five Seattle Seahawks make Pro Football Focus' Top 100 NFL free agents for 2024

At least two of Seattle's free agents on the list need to be re-signed.
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While the Seattle Seahawks are still battling for a playoff spot this year, some parts of the organization, including general manager John Schneider, are also thinking ahead to free agency next offseason and the 2024 NFL draft. If anyone thinks Schneider doesn't look somewhat ahead then maybe those people don't know how businesses work in general. Plus, what would be the point of having any scouts?

Successful organizations understand the balance of knowing what is going on with the team currently but also thinking about what will make the team better in the future. Schneider and head coach Pete Carroll have been in Seattle since 2010 and made the organization into one of the better ones in the NFL. Seattle has won 136 games since 2010, the sixth-most in the league.

But tough financial decisions have to be made each year for the team to stay underneath the salary cap. 2024 will be no different as the Seahawks have five players listed on Pro Football Focus' (PFF wants you to subscribe but here is a link to the article) top 100 free agents for this coming offseason. At least two of the players that follow must be re-signed.

Five Seattle Seahawks among top 100 2024 free agents, according to Pro Football Focus

No. 16 - Defensive lineman Leonard Williams

Pro Football Focus projects Williams will get a deal for three years and $51.75 million of which $37.25 million will be guaranteed. This might seem relatively cheap, except that Williams is 30 years old now and teams get scared off once they see that age. But the Seattle Seahawks shouldn't. Williams has been excellent since Seattle traded for him earlier in the season and he is nearly a must to be brought back.

No. 50 - Linebacker Jordyn Brooks

Brooks is not the best coverage linebacker, or maybe that issue lies with the Seahawks coaching staff because none of Seattle's linebackers seem to cover well. But Brooks excels at most other parts of the game and he probably would be a good blitzer if he were on a team that used him more that way. PFF projects him to sign a two year contract worth $22 million and $13.5 million guaranteed. Brooks is only 26 years old and Seattle should make a great effort to re-sign him.

No. 53 - Tight end Noah Fant

Fant is a good receiver with excellent athletic ability for a tight end, but Seattle simply doesn't throw him the ball enough. If I were Fant, I'd sign elsewhere and with a team whose offensive scheme better uses me. PFF projects Fant getting a deal for three years and $27 million with $16.5 million guaranteed and that is just too much for Seattle to pay unless they figure out how to use Fant better.

No. 58 - Linebacker Bobby Wagner

Wagner is hurt in any new future deal because he will be 34 years old before Week 1 of 2024. That is ancient for a linebacker in the NFL. Wagner still is a great tackler and excellent in run defense, however, and as PFF projects him to sign a one-year deal worth only $4 million it would be criminal if Seahawks general manager John Schneider did not re-sign Wagner.

No. 85 - Left guard Damien Lewis

Lewis has been a good left guard for Seattle, if never elite. He will only be 27 years old during the 2024 season, though. In 2023, Lewis has allowed 3 sacks but just one other quarterback hit. The question for Seattle will be about money. PFF projects Lewis getting a four-year deal for $42 million with $24 million guaranteed. That might be too rich for the Seahawks.

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