Five Seattle Seahawks who can make themselves major money in 2024

These five players could earn their 2025 contracts with excellent seasons in 2024.
Uchenna Nwosu of the Seattle Seahawks
Uchenna Nwosu of the Seattle Seahawks / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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The roster changeover during the 2024 offseason could become a tidal wave in 2025 should the season go south for the Seattle Seahawks. Much of the problem next offseason is that Seattle already has cap issues. Some players will likely be forced to leave.

Those players, of course, could make the decision to move on from them much tougher should they have fantastic seasons. Their individual success should lead to team success. If Seattle exceeds expectations in 2024 under first-year head coach Mike Macdonald, the Seahawks are probably going to want to keep most of the band together.

Some of the players that follow will be free agents next offseason, but not all of them. While they might still be under contract with Seattle, should they not have great seasons, general manager John Schneider might decide to give another - less expensive - player a chance. In at least one case, a fan favorite needs to prove he should stick around.

Julian Love - Seattle Seahawks safety

Love made the Pro Bowl in 2023 even though he was underused. He might have gotten used to that in his career as he did not become a full-time starter until his final season with the New York Giants in 2022. He signed a two-year deal with Seattle last offseason and started 12 games. He might not have started much at all except that Jamal Adams was oft-injured once again.

Seattle was better with Love on the field than Adams as the team allowed a touchdown less a game in games when Love played more than 41 percent of the snaps. Why the defensive improvement with Love instead of Adams did not dawn on the Seahawks' coaching staff until Week 14 is anyone's guess. It is also another reason Seattle needed to move on from former head coach Pete Carroll.

Love's cap hit in 2024 is $8,090,000. If he makes the Pro Bowl again this season, and he could be even better under the direction of new head coach Mike Macdonald, then Love and his agent will make the argument he is a top-10 safety. Based on an average contract, all of the top ten safeties make at least $12 million a season. This could be the starting point for negotiations to re-sign Love next offseason.