Five Seattle Seahawks who can make themselves major money in 2024

These five players could earn their 2025 contracts with excellent seasons in 2024.
Uchenna Nwosu of the Seattle Seahawks
Uchenna Nwosu of the Seattle Seahawks / Alika Jenner/GettyImages
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Tyler Lockett - Seahawks wide receiver

Lockett, of course, is the fan favorite I mentioned earlier. He has turned into one of the best receivers in Seahawks history, and while he is a great football player, he is an even better person. Plus, he has ties to the team away from the field as his real estate group is the official realtor of the franchise. Plus, seeing Lockett in a different team's uniform would just be wrong.

In 2025, however, Seattle is projected to already be negative-$18,008,835 in cap room. Changes will need to be made. Lockett's willingness to rework his contract this offseason might have implied he understands his time is almost done playing for the Seahawks. He gave up more maximum money for more guaranteed money in 2024.

A couple of games into the 2025 season, Lockett will turn 33 years old. That is relatively ancient for a small receiver in the league who relies on quickness to get open. Lockett seemed less physical last year, and he might be less so this season.

He probably needs to have a season where he catches 90 passes to earn the massive $30,895,000 cap hit he has in 2025. Otherwise, he is likely going to be a cut candidate next year.

Uchenna Nwosu - Seahawks edge rusher

In Nwosu's first season with the Seahawks in 2022, he set career highs in sacks (9.5), tackles for loss (12), and quarterback hits (26). He might have matched those numbers in 2023, but he tore a pec muscle in Week 7 and had to miss the rest of the season. Once he was out, Seattle's defense digressed horribly.

There is little doubt as to the value Nwosu can supply to the Seattle defense. He sets a hard edge against the run, and he can get consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks. Other edge rushers either do one thing somewhat well (Darrell Taylor can pressure quarterbacks), or are still inconsistent (Boye Mafe).

Nwosu cap hot balloons from just under $8 million in 2024 to $21,498,333 in 2025. Should Seattle decide to release the edge rusher, the team would save $8,481,666 next offseason. For a team tight against the cap, that would be a chunk of savings. Nwosu is probably too good to get rid of, however.