3 former Seahawks players we're glad are gone, 2 we wish never left

Two of these players are worth still rooting for.
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The Seattle Seahawks are going to look much differently in 2024. The coaching staff, save for Karl Scott, has completely changed over. New head coach Mike Macdonald should bring in a much better approach for the defense and overall, even with a number of roster changes, Seattle should be better this coming season.

Some of the players that are leaving simply needed to go. That could be because Seattle did not need to pay them what other teams were willing to offer or that the players simply were not overly good. This is certainly the case with the first player on this list who not only hardly played and wasn't good when he did, but he also was fairly classless.

Other players, however. we might still root for when they are not playing against the Seahawks. 12s may or may not have second-favorite teams, but pulling for a player or two who doesn't wear a Seattle jersey is not doing anything wrong. Two of those players follow.

Three Seattle Seahawks who won't be missed and two who will

Losing Devin Bush means nothing

Devin Bush will not be long-remembered in Seattle as he only spent one season with the team and was not much good at anything. He was a healthy scratch in many games. He did leave 12s a bad parting memory when in Week 17 Bush tackled Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray after Murray had begun his slide to give himself up. Bush then bounced up and celebrated while Murray stayed on the ground for a minute after injuring his leg.

If one looks up the definition of "poor sportsmanship," Bush's photo and a video of what he did to Murray should be there.

The main reason that Bush did not play much was that he was only signed last offseason as insurance in case Jordyn Brooks could not return quickly from a 2022 leg injury. Brooks came back by Week 1, however. Keeping Bush off the field was a lucky move for the Seahawks. Bush signed with the Cleveland Browns this offseason.