3 former Seahawks starters who might be done in the NFL

Discover the potential end of the road for three former Seahawks starters from the NFL. Explore the factors contributing to their possible exit.
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Can Russ still ride in Steel Town?

Following his trade from the Seattle Seahawks to the Denver Broncos two seasons ago, quarterback Russell Wilson faced significant challenges adapting to his new environment in Mile High. Despite high expectations, Wilson struggled on the field, leading the Broncos to make the tough decision to absorb a substantial portion of his salary and subsequently trade him to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

For Wilson, the move to Pittsburgh represents a fresh start—a chance to revitalize his career and prove his value to a new team. However, the quarterback's optimism may be tempered by the Steelers' recent acquisition of another promising signal-caller, Justin Fields.

The addition of Fields raises questions about the Steelers' commitment to Wilson and casts doubt on his future as the team's starting quarterback. While Wilson undoubtedly possesses the experience and talent to lead an NFL offense, the presence of Fields suggests that Pittsburgh may be exploring other options under center.

If the upcoming season does not unfold as planned for Wilson in Pittsburgh, there is a real possibility that he could find himself relegated to a backup role or even out of the league altogether. While such a scenario may seem improbable for a player of Wilson's caliber, the harsh reality of the NFL is that performance ultimately dictates opportunity, and quarterbacks are often judged by wins and losses.

As Wilson prepares to embark on this new chapter of his career, he faces both the opportunity for redemption and the specter of uncertainty. The road ahead will be fraught with challenges and obstacles, but for a competitor like Wilson, adversity is simply another opportunity to prove his doubters wrong and cement his legacy as one of the game's greats.