Former Seattle Seahawks long snapper Nate Boyer admits to being a 49ers fan

Boyer served multiple tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan with the Green Berets.

New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks
New York Giants v Seattle Seahawks / Lindsey Wasson/GettyImages

Super Bowl week, football fans! This means there are lots of sponsors and non-profits inviting players and former players to "Radio Row" to help sell their products or, in the case of Nate Boyer, speak on extremely important issues. Maybe there are no Seattle Seahawks games currently, but Boyer's importance always transcended the football field. FanSided was able to catch up with Nate Boyer this week and talk about his experience in the military and his founding of Merging Vets & Players.

Boyer spoke about playing at the University of Texas but he talked about growing up in California. He did not go into detail about his time with the Seahawks, but he started the interview by admitting he was a fan of the San Francisco 49ers. Boyer said he wasn't playing football anymore, of course, but (his) 9ers are. I grew up in the Bay area so I am a 9ers fan." And that he "grew up during the 49ers dynasty (in the 1990s)."

12s can likely easily forgive Boyer for his admission, though. Boyer has proven his value is much more important than simply being a football player. Real respect transcends the gridiron.

Former Seahawks player Nate Boyer names the team he is a true fan of

Boyer also spoke about his film, MVP, which stars Boyer as well as former NFL player Tony Gonzalez and commentator Jay Glazer. The film is about a player who is embroiled in a scandal but is saved by a homeless veteran. MVP can be found on Paramount+. You can see Boyer's full interview in the clip below.

Nate Boyer tried several things out of high school, including moving to Hollywood to become an actor. But he felt there was a greater calling to his life and he worked as a relief worker in Sudan during the war in Darfur. He enlisted in the military soon after and was accepted into the Green Berets. He served for six years which included multiple tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Boyer played preseason football with the Seahawks in 2016. In the preseason of 2016 after Colin Kaepernick received flack for sitting during the national anthem, Boyer advised Kaepernick if he could not stand he might kneel instead. Kaepernick took Boyer's advisement and began doing so.

Nate Boyer participated in this Super Bowl Media Week interview with FanSided on behalf of Merging Vets & Players.

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