3 former Seattle Seahawks who won't live up to their new contracts

These three now-former players might be getting overpaid in 2024.
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Running back DeeJay Dallas signed with the Arizona Cardinals

New contract: Three years and $8.25 million with $2.395 million guaranteed

Many 12s likely did not want to see Dallas go. He also seemed like he could have done more in his career with the team as a running back but he did not get many chances. He ran a little stronger than he looked and on kickoffs he was more elusive than expected. Dallas was also a fairly funny guy whose humor transposed over to his profile photo on the NFL website (a shoutout to Seattle Kraken player Brandon Tanev).

But what isn't funny is that the Seahawks will now be playing Dallas twice a year after he signed with the NFC West rival Arizona Cardinals. Hopefully, Arizona gives him a few more chances to have the ball than Seattle did. Plus, Arizona did not exactly stiff themselves on Dallas' deal because only $2.395 million is guaranteed. And yet, that still might be an overpay.

Seattle might have wanted Dallas back at two years and $3.5 million but only $1.5 million of that guaranteed. Dallas simply has not shown he can produce consistently. What he might be able to do decently is return kickoffs, but the NFL might be adjusting how kickoffs are done which would leave even less room for Dallas to make a splash.

If you take away his longest run in the NFL - 41 yards in 2022 - Dallas only averaged 3.8 yards per carry in four seasons. He has not scored a touchdown since 2021. Dallas was a fun player and Seahawks fans probably wish him the best, but Cardinals fans might be regretting how much their team paid for Dallas.