3 former Seattle Seahawks who won't live up to their new contracts

These three now-former players might be getting overpaid in 2024.

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Quarterback Drew Lock signed with the New York Giants

New contract: One year for a fully guaranteed $5 million

Lock got a pay raise for 2024 instead of the $4 million he made with Seattle this past season. He deserved it as he wasn't bad in two starts. He believes he can be a starter in the NFL and this is one reason he signed with the New York Giants. He felt like that team gave him a better shot to start as he was not going to beat out Geno Smith in Seattle.

But the New York Giants currently have the number 6 pick in the 2024 NFL draft and there is a great likelihood that they will choose a quarterback. Lock currently would compete with Daniel Jones as the starter, but a high-drafted rookie might have first dibs on who is QB1 in New York. Plus, Jones is by far the higher paid quarter in New York so the Giants could choose to release Lock and keep Jones and the rookie (and maybe backup Tommy DeVito).

If that happens, and that is as likely an outcome as anything else, then Lock would be out of a job and the Giants would simply have wasted $5 million. Plus, how well Lock can acclimate to the stress of playing in New York after struggling at times with the Denver media when he was with the Broncos is up for debate.

Hopefully, Lock will do well wherever he ends up, including with the Giants. He was a good teammate in Seattle and he and his wife have a new baby. But he just might not be with the Giants long-term.

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