Four great potential landing spots for Pete Carroll

Pete Carroll has a lot of options in what he can do next.

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Pete Carroll, broadcaster extraordinaire

Just as the NFL has no limits to the number of coaches allowed on a team, there are no restrictions on the number of talking heads on a football broadcast. As with the professional and collegiate organizations, most broadcast/streaming companies have their teams set already. But those teams are far more fluid in their makeup. Just ask Al Michaels how stable those positions are.

Surely the idea of adding one of the only three coaches to ever win a Super Bowl and a national college championship to a broadcast team has to have the execs salivating at the prospect. Think about it, 12s. What do you want to see from the people talking about the game, whether it's in the studio or during the game itself? First and foremost, you want someone knowledgeable about the nuances of the game. Uh, I think Pete checks that box.

It helps more than a bit if they add their own opinion to the mix. Pete Carroll, while respectful to a fault, has never been shy about voicing his opinions. Just ask any referee if they weren't sure how Carroll felt about a certain call. Ask any of his players if Carroll was ambiguous in his communications to them. With rare exceptions, Carroll didn't criticize his players publicly, but in the locker room or on the sidelines, it was clearly a different story. I'm sure he'd be respectful in his analysis, but there's no way Carroll would hold back from any commentary.

Third, you want someone who's entertaining. While you don't want someone who detracts from the game and makes the show more about themselves - Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football, anyone? - you want the analyst to add some life to the show, too. Ideally, they should be energetic, engaging, and enthusiastic. They need to have a strong personality that stands out in a team, yet has the sense to remain part of that team, always. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Peter Clay Carroll.

In fact, there's no reason that Carroll can't do all of these. He can pop in for a Sunday roundtable to discuss the week's headline games, then hit the boardroom of a major advertiser on Monday morning to promote his player initiative. Wednesday finds Carroll talking coverages with the DB room in Carolina or even - shudder- San Francisco.

I didn't miss Tuesday; on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Pete's busy leading his conferences on mindfulness and engagement at the University of the Pacific. I mean, he should be. Fridays are busy with prep work for the upcoming slate of games and a little surfing. Saturdays are spoken for. Besides the college games, he'll need time at the Bubble Yum factory. I man's gotta protect his investment. So yeah, one or every way, Pete Carroll's going to be a busy man.

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