Four Seattle Seahawks who should not return in 2024

Some of these roster decisions might not be easy, but they still should be made.

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Seahawks should shut the door on center Evan Brown

Brown was only signed to a one-year deal last offseason and the Seahawks likely have his replacement already on the roster in rookie Olu Oluwatimi. Oluwatimi, albeit in far fewer snaps, actually is graded higher by Pro Football Focus (paywall alert) overall than Brown through Week 13. His pass-block grade is a very good (80.8) and his run-block grade is about equal to Brown's.

Brown started 2023 fairly well. Through two games, he had not allowed a quarterback pressure or a QB hit. Between Weeks 2 and 12, though, Brown allowed at least 2 pressures in every game but one. He allowed 4 in Seattle's loss to the Baltimore Ravens in Week 9 and 3 against the San Francisco 49ers in Week 12. He also allowed 2 sacks in the 49ers game. Admittedly, Brown had his best game in weeks against the Cowboys, but for most of the season, he has been bad.

Brown was not an expensive signing and he is a free agent in 2024. Not bringing him back does not save the Seahawks that much money, but Oluwatimi in for Brown likely improves the team long-term. In fact, should Seattle lose their next two games and sit at 6-8, there is no real reason to not simply go ahead and replace a struggling Brown with the rookie from Michigan.