7 free-agent defensive linemen Seattle Seahawks could sign in 2024

Seattle must find a way to improve its defensive line.

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Free agent DT No. 6 - Grover Stewart

Stewart is quite a bit like Reader and around the same age. The Indianapolis Colts free agent was not injured at the end of the year, though, so that might augment his market while Reader's gets a bit depressed. The issue for Stewart in 2023 was that he was suspended for six games for performance-enhancing drugs. He came back late in the year and finished the season strong. He also seemed to fit well in the locker room so he should be well-respected in Seattle's locker room as well.

Stewart also won't put up big sack numbers. His career high is 4 in 2022 and only twice in seven years does he have more than one sack. But he is nearly immovable against the run and his presence allows his teammates to see more one-on-one blocking. His projected deal is $11 million a season for three years so that is a lot more affordable than Reader or Leonard Williams.

Free agent DT No. 7 - Sheldon Rankins

Rankins differs from every other player on this list because he isn't simply good against the run. In fact, he still struggles at times to stop opposing offenses from rushing the ball. But what Rankins does potentially better than anyone else on the list other than Williams is put pressure on quarterbacks. This past year with the Houston Texans, Rankins had 40 total quarterback pressures including 6 sacks.

Because he does not have the versatility of some of the other defensive tackles here, his next contract should not be as burdensome as Williams' or Reader's. Rankins will still get paid because of his pass-rush ability, but he may only get as much as $10 million. Plus, Rankins will only be 30 years old at the start of the 2024 season so Seattle could sign him for two years and Macdonald could help Rankins get into enough situations to have the defensive lineman get 10 sacks or more.

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