4 free agent moves from NFC West rivals that should terrify Seahawks fans

These moves only made Seattle's rivals better.
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G Jonah Jackson

The NFC West has always been a battleground, and the recent free-agent signings by rival teams only intensify the competition. One signing, in particular, should send shivers down the spines of Seahawks fans: the acquisition of guard Jonah Jackson by the LA Rams.

Jackson's addition to the Rams' offensive line significantly bolsters their protection for quarterback Matthew Stafford. For Seahawks defenders hoping to disrupt Stafford's rhythm, this is bad news. With Jackson anchoring the line, Stafford will have ample time to survey the field and connect with his talented receiving corps.

Speaking of receivers, Stafford now has even more weapons at his disposal, including star wideout Cooper Kupp and the emerging talent of Puka Nacua. Kupp's ability to make game-changing plays is well-documented and Nacua's emergence adds another dimension to the Rams' passing attack.

For Seahawks fans, the prospect of facing a well-protected Stafford, armed with a talented receiving duo, is daunting. The Rams' offense has the potential to wreak havoc on opposing defenses, and Seattle must find ways to counter their strengths.

Head coach Mike Macdonald and his staff will need to devise creative schemes to generate pressure on Stafford and disrupt his timing with his receivers. Additionally, the Seahawks' secondary must be prepared to handle the challenges posed by Kupp and Nacua downfield.

Moreover, Seattle's own offensive line must step up to the plate to protect quarterback Geno Smith and provide him with the time he needs to make plays. The battle in the trenches will be crucial in determining the outcome of matchups within the fiercely competitive NFC West.

Ultimately, the signing of Jonah Jackson by the Rams underscores the intense rivalry within the division and the importance of strategic roster moves. Seahawks fans can expect thrilling matchups ahead as their team faces off against a strengthened Rams squad led by the formidable duo of Stafford and Jackson.