4 free agent moves from NFC West rivals that should terrify Seahawks fans

These moves only made Seattle's rivals better.

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DE Leonard Floyd

The NFC West has long been hailed as one of the most competitive divisions in the NFL, where every team battles fiercely for supremacy year after year. In this high-stakes environment, acquiring top-tier talent becomes paramount for gaining an edge over rival teams. One recent signing in the NFC West, in particular, should send chills down the spines of Seahawks fans: the San Francisco 49ers' addition of edge rusher Leonard Floyd.

Floyd's arrival in San Francisco represents a significant coup for the 49ers and a potential nightmare scenario for the Seahawks' offensive line and quarterback. While Floyd is primarily known for his prowess as a run defender, his presence on the field opposite superstar edge rusher Nick Bosa creates a formidable tandem that will undoubtedly cause headaches for opposing offenses.

For Seahawks offensive linemen tasked with protecting quarterback Geno Smith (or whoever holds the position), the prospect of facing off against Floyd and Bosa is a daunting one. Both edge rushers possess elite pass-rushing skills and the ability to disrupt opposing quarterbacks' rhythm, making life miserable for anyone in their path.

Furthermore, Floyd's versatility adds an extra layer of unpredictability to the 49ers' defense. His ability to line up in different positions along the defensive front gives San Francisco defensive coordinator Nick Sorensen the flexibility to deploy creative schemes designed to exploit weaknesses in opposing offensive lines.

The impact of Floyd's signing extends beyond his individual contributions on the field. His presence elevates the overall competitiveness of the NFC West, further intensifying the rivalry between divisional foes. With the 49ers boasting a formidable defensive front led by Bosa and now complemented by Floyd, the arms race within the NFC West reaches new heights.

For Seahawks fans, the signing of Leonard Floyd serves as a stark reminder of the challenges that lie ahead in the quest for divisional supremacy. As the NFC West continues to evolve into a battleground of elite talent and fierce competition, Seattle must rise to the occasion and find ways to counter the formidable forces aligned against them.